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Company of Paintings, Waterproofing and Pavements - Eurocampi

Company Paintings, Waterproofing and Pavements - Eurocampi

EUROCAMPI is our deco-paints trademark, property of manufacturer Crisol Color S.L., who also produces specialized car bodywork and industry paints.


Crisol Color S.L. belongs to Tot Color Corporation existing in the market since 1976, began as an official distributor of a main branch, initiating later his development and production of his own products.

Company of Paintings, Waterproofing and Pavements - Eurocampi

The company’s headquarters are situated in Palol de Revardit, Girona, northeast of Spain, where you will find his head offices, stores, and factory.  The rest of the Tot Color Corporation companies are in the same building.


We own 14.000 m2 surface, 12.000 m2 of them already constructed, and also trade delegations in France, Central America and South America


Our facilities are ready to produce and distribute without intermediate, we also count with a consultant expertise technician team. Our main aim is to provide the highest care and quality to our customers and partners.


Eurocampi has a bride range of decoration and industry painting products, which are environmental friendly, produced with special techniques, and designed for perfectly adapt to many geographical and weather conditions

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