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Pavicam 305

Pavicam 305

2-component epoxy primer.
Suitable for the sealing of concrete supports both vertically and horizontally, especially suitable for application on supports of difficult adhesion (terrazzo, etc.). Applicable on asphaltic floors as it does not produce the bleeding effect.
Color: Colorless.

KilosKilos: 10 kg - 4 kg.

Dilution cleaningDilution cleaning: Water 0 - 10% according to support.

Useful applicationsUseful applications: Brush, Roller, Airless gun.

Tact dryingTact drying: 10-12 hours at 20 °C.

RepaintingRepainting: Minimum 24 hours, maximum 7 days at 20 °C.

PerformancePerformance: 4,5-5,5 m²/kg.

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