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Campiplus Mate

Campiplus Mate

Water-based vinyl paint with decorative flat finish. Great hiding power and high spreading rate. Soft to the touch, washable. Suitable for interior and exterior surfaces of concrete, plaster and other construction materials.
Color: White.

LitersLiters: 15 L - 4 L - 0,75 L.

Dilution cleaningDilution cleaning: Water 1st coat 10-15% 2nd coat 5%.

Useful applicationsUseful applications: Brush, Roller, Airless gun.

Tact dryingTact drying: 1 hour at 20ºC.

RepaintingRepainting: Minimum: 4 h at 20ºC.

PerformancePerformance: 7-8 m²/L and coat.

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