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Company of Paintings, Waterproofing and Pavements - Eurocampi



All-terrain primer.
Direct adhesion on galvanized steel, aluminum and plastics. It is repaintable with epoxy, polyurethane, alkyd, chlorocaucho and acrylic systems.
Colors: Red, gray, black and white.

LitersLiters: 4 L - 0,75 L.

Dilution cleaningDilution cleaning: Disolvente clorocaucho 0-5%.

Useful applicationsUseful applications: Brush, Roller, Spray gun.

Tact dryingTact drying: 15 minutes at 20 ºC.

RepaintingRepainting: Minimum: 90 minutes at 20 °C.

PerformancePerformance: 8-10 m²/L and layer.

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