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Company of Paintings, Waterproofing and Pavements - Eurocampi



100% acrylic finish matte finish and high performance. It contains pigments of high fastness to the weather in all its grass of colors. Waterproof and very decorative.
Group (1): White, pastel green, black.
Group (2): Bone, cream, chamois, hazelnut, ivory, salmon, terracotta, medium gray. Group (3): Ocher, leather, oats, earth, south, pink, dark gray, earth, tile, green moss and albero.

LitersLiters: 15 L - 4 L.

Dilution cleaningDilution cleaning: Water 1st coat 10-15% 2nd coat-5%.

Useful applicationsUseful applications: Brosse, Rouleau, Pistolet airless.

Tact dryingTact drying: 1 hour at 20 ºC.

RepaintingRepainting: Minimum 4 hours at 20ºC.

PerformancePerformance: 9-11 m²/L and coat.

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