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Water Sellatone

Water Sellatone

Acrylic sealer priming to the water. Good properties of application. Excellent leveling. Rapid dried. He avoids I repel of the wood. Easy sanded. Repintable with enamel to the water or synthetic with solvent. Indicated for his interior or exterior use in all kinds of porous surfaces of wood, concrete, plaster, carton - plaster and other materials of construction, in interior walls, frames, doors, windows, etc.

Color: White.

LitersLiters: 4 L - 0,75 L.

Dilution cleaningDilution cleaning: Water 5-10%.

Useful applicationsUseful applications: Brush, Roller.

Tact dryingTact drying: 1 hour at 20 ºC. Sanding at 24 ºC.

RepaintingRepainting: 5 hours at 20 ºC.

PerformancePerformance: 8-10 m ²/L according to porosity of the support.

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